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Composite Material Coating

Clear Epoxy Resin Glue for Carbon Fiber Cloth Mixing

Model No.: 6992AB

Viscosity(25℃): A=6000-10000CPS B=250MAXCPS

Mixing Ratio: A:B=100:25(weight ratio)

Usable Time: 25℃*15Min(100g)

Curing Time: 25℃*3H-4H or 55℃*30Min(2g)

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With fast curing, 6992AB offers excellent gloss finish and high hardness with extremely light weight after proper mixed with the carbon fiber cloth. Carbon Fiber is a high-tech and modern materials used in many industrials for its high durable features. After mixed with epoxy resin AB glue, it can get a high hard, light weight, polishable and high gloss solid material to many applications such as car spare parts, fish poles, paddles, etc.

If want long time curing model, can try our 3323AB

♦ Light weight
♦ High gloss finish
♦ High hardness and scratch resistance
♦ Easy to be polished
♦ Water proof
♦ Chemical resistance

Main Application
✔ Car engineer cover
✔ Golf clubs
✔ Paddle
✔ Fish pole
✔ Cellphone case 


Model No.: 6992AB

Color: Transparent
Specific gravity: A=1.15 B=0.96
Viscosity (25℃): A=6000-10000CPS B=250 MAXCPS
Mixing ratio: A: B = 100:25(weight ratio)

Hardening conditions: 25 ℃×3H to 4H or 55℃×30min (2 g)
Usable  time: 25℃×15min (100g)
Hardness: shore D<90

1, Can this also be used for fiberglass?
   A: Yes, No problem for fiberglass composite also.
2, Can you make longer pot life formula?
   A: Yes, this is our standard model for carbon fiber, if you need longer pot life, we can adjust for you

3, Can this be sanded?

  A: Yes, all our models for composite materials can be sanded.

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