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Clear PU for 3D Dome Stickers Coating

Model No.: 618AB-18

Mixing Ratio: 1:1 by weight

Curing time: 25 C* 6 hours or 65 C *3 hours

Pot life: 15-20 minutes

Shelf Life: 6 months

Yellow resistance time: More than 5 years

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Jinhua polyurethane is a two components clear resin, very easy to process as the mixing ratio is 1: 1 by weight, the hardness is from shore A 20 to 50, flexible and super clear. With ultra yellow resistance for outdoor use, will keep more than 5 years. And with super weather resistance, performs good in hard conditions from -20 degree to 100 degree.


  • 5kgs PE barrel
  • 20kgs steel barrel
  • 200kgs steel barrel


  • Stickers
  • Labels
  • Electronic components potting
  • LED strip
  • Cellpphone case

Model No.:618AB-18

Color: Transparent or light yellow
Viscosity (25℃ mpa·s): A=172CPS B=115 CPS
Mixing ratio: A: B = 100:100(weight ratio)
Pot life: 25℃×30min 
Hardening conditions: 25 ℃×6H or 65℃×3.5H or 80℃×2H
Shelf life(25℃, sealed): 6 Months

1, How long time for yellow resistance?

  A: At least 5 years with outdoor use.

2, What is the difference with soft epoxy?

  A: The significant difference with the epoxy is that polyurethane with much better yellow resistacen and weather                  resistance, so polyurethane suitable for the high demand of sticker coating.

3, Will this get hardener as time pass by?

  A: No, will never hardener after full dry.

4, Can this operate by hand?

  A: Yes, can by hand, but suggest to operate by machine.

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