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Epoxy Resin for Floor

High Hard Epoxy Resin for Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

Model No.: 113AB-2(312AB-H3)

Viscosity: A=2000~4000CPS B=80CPS

Mixing Ratio: A:B=100:33 ( weight ratio)

Pot Life: 25℃*40Min(100g)

Curing Time: 25℃*8~10H(100g)

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113AB-2(312AB-H3) is designed for large area coating, with self-leveling feature, high gloss, bubble free, high hardness, can be used for any kind of decorative floor, art floor, like 3D effect floor, metallic epoxy floor, crystal glass like coating, etc.

♦ Self-Leveling
♦ Low Odor
♦ High Gloss
♦ Bubble Free
♦ Excellent Surface Performance
♦ Long Pot Life

Main Applications
✔ 3D floor /any kind of art floor
✔ Metallic Epoxy Floor

✔ Crystal Clear Floor Coat

Model No.: 113AB-2(312AB-H3)

Color: Transparent
Specific gravity: A=1.15 B=0.96
Viscosity (25℃): A=2000-4000CPS B=80 MAXCPS
Mixing ratio: A: B = 100:33(weight ratio)
Hardening conditions: 25 ℃×8H to 10H or 55℃×1.5H (2 g)
Usable time: 25℃×40min (100g)
Hardness: Shore D 85

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