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Epoxy Resin for Floor

Epoxy Resin for Epoxy Floor Coating

Model No.: Epoxy Resin for Epoxy Self-Levelling Floor

Primer mixing ratio: 3:1

Mid Coat Mixing Ratio: 5:1

Top Coat Mixing Ratio: 5:1

Curing time: About 6 to 8 hours for each layer

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This  two parts epoxy resin glue for floor coating application. Water and chemical resistance, self-leveling, form a high hard, gloss and anti scratch flooring, suitable for most kinds of epoxy floor like garage, factory,office, etc.

With the primer, mid and top coat, we supply you all the material that makes a beautiful and durable epoxy flooring.

Various colors are available.

Polyurethane floor system


♦ Moderate viscosity
♦ self-leveling
♦ Very high gloss
♦ Easy to clean and repair
♦ Water and dust proof
♦ Chemical resistance
♦ Slip resistance
♦ Impact resistance
Main Application
✔ Factory floor
✔ Garage floor
✔ Swimming pool
✔ Labratory floor

Primer Part A: 5kgs per bucket

Primer Part B: 15kgs per bucket

Mid Coat Part A: 25kgs per bucket

Mid Coat Part B: 5kgs per bucket

Top Coat Part A: 25kgs per bucket

Top Coat Part B: 5kgs per bucket.

Curing Time: About 6 to 8 hours for each layer.

1, Is thin epoxy coating available?

  A: Yes, thin coating is available, just change the top coat, thickness will be about 0.5mm

2, What is your polupar color?

  A: Our polular color is Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Grey, and we do have color card, you can choose any color from it.

3, You are factroy?

  A: Absoultely YES.

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