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Soft Crystal Resin

Clear Epoxy Resin Adhesive For Key-Chain Surface

Model No.: 608AB

Viscosity(25℃): A=700-1500CPS B=100CPS

Mixing ratio A: B = 100:50(weight ratio)

Usable Time: 25℃*15min (100g)

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608AB is a kind of soft two parts epoxy resin adhesive, it can form a flexible clear rubber coating surface after cured within one day. 

♦ Easy to operate
♦ No odor
♦ High clear
♦ Good bond strength
♦ Good gloss
♦ Durable with scratches resistance

Main Application
✔ Stickers
✔ Labels 
Model No.: 608AB

Color: Transparent
Specific gravity: A=1.15 B=1.15
Viscosity (25℃): A=700-1500CPS B=100 MAXCPS
Mixing ratio: A: B = 100:50(weight ratio)
Hardening conditions: 25℃×10H to 12H or 55℃×2H (2 g)
Usable time: 25℃×40min (100g)
Hardness: shore D<35

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