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what is the use of epoxy resin?

The applications for epoxy-based materials are extensive and include coatings, adhesives and composite materials such as those using carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforcements (although polyester, vinyl ester, and other thermosetting resins are also used for glass-reinforced plastic).To be in detailed, can use for any kind of hard material glue purpose, to use as glue. For its high hardness,good physical properties, can be used for decorative coating, for table, bar top, floor, painting, card, etc, anywhere you need coating.
Also for it high transparency, and easy to operate, can be used for any kind of small crafts, rings, bracelet, false water, earings, small beads, epoxy river table, wod crafts, etc.
And for composite materil together with fiber glass to make surfboard, snowboard, ski board, car spareparts, paddle, fishing pole, bike.
Epoxy also have flexible model can be used for stickers, labels, cards, ect, for potting also, electronic components, LED light.