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How to apply outdoor polyurethane floor?

Water based polyurethane floor is eco-friendly, easy to operate, easy to maintain, low cost,and long life, seamless, durable, good for outdoor floor.
From the primer to mid, mid cost, color coat, seal coat, can be all polyurethane, or primer, mid to be epoxy resin, and top to be urethane. Any way you like.

First, prepare the concrete floor,make it clean, clear, free of dust, oil, greeze, water, keep it dry and clean.
Second, take the primer, mix part A and part B according to the mixing ratio, stir it to make it fully mixed. And use a roller or trowel to spread it.
Then, apply the mid coat, almost the same process with the primer, if the floor is not so good, suggest to add some fillers into it to fill the small gap on the floor.
Third, the color layer, the color already added into the part A, you can get any color from the pantone card. mix part A and part B, use roller to spread it.
Last the seal coat, the seal coat is higg gloss, and high hardness.

Each layer about 8 hours to dry, so need about 3 days to finish all the process.
You can add fillers or stone powder to the mid coat or the color coat to add the thickness.
And polyurethane terrazzo floor also made from this kind of polyurethane, can be used for school floor, hostipal, hall, any art area, packing lot.

You can get any color, any thicknes, any design you want.
It has better wear reistance than epoxy while epoxy only used for indoor.