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How to Make a Ashtray or other Small Crafts?

The way to make small clear epoxy resin crafts will be the same as to make a epoxy resin ashtray.
Here is the process to make a beatiful DIY ashtray.
First, to prepare about 100g epoxy resin and hardener.
Second, to prepare the ashtray silicone mold.Some dry flower, little stone etc that anything will make your ashtray more beautiful.
Third, to prepare the small tools for the process, like a clean mixing container, electronic scale, a clean stick to stir to mixture.
Then, we begin the process:
1, Take about 75g resin and 25g hardener to the clean container, stir them in one direction, fully mix them for about 2 minutes, then put it there still for a few minutes to let the bubbles come out
2, Pour the mixture into the mold, and then add some dry flower and small stone into it, and pour the other half into the mold.
3, Wait it dry, and if there is some bubbles on the surface, use a torch to clear it.
4, after about 10 hours, demold it, you have a unique, beautiful ashtray!