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What the problem is if the epoxy not cured or sticky or much longer curing time than the supplier claimed.

Many many of the customers are green man for epoxy resin, so have many problems durring their testing, here some tips for new users:
1, what is the problem if the epoxy not cured?
Epoxy will be cured with hardener.If not cured, you may take wrong hardener, or not enough hardener, please follow the mixing ratio given by supplier. Some supplier offer weight mixing ratio, and some factory offer volume mixing ratio, just confirm with the supplier the correct mixing ratio, that is very important.
If the mixing ratio correct and with right hardener, and not too low temperature like below 0 degree. Will be cured 100%.

2, Why some part sticky after cured.
That is only one reason for this, does not stir and and mix well. The sticky part is only resin or hardener. So will never dry.

3, Why takes longer time to cure than the supplier claimed?
Normally, factory will list in the data sheet about the cure condition, the curing time based on the normal room temperature about 25degree. If your operation temperature less than 25degree, the cure time will be longer. And the second reson is that you put less hardener. For example, you will need 50g hardener for 50g rsin, if you put only 45g hardener, the curing time will be longer, and the finaly cured object will be less hard than the factory claimed.