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Epoxy or Polyurethane for 3D floor.

Recently many customers asked us about the polyurethane and epoxy for 3d floor, because some supplier offer polyurethane only for top coat, it will be very cheap per sqm.
Here we would like to tell all the people who interested in the epoxy 3D floor about the consumpation of polyurethane and epoxy and the difference between them.
The preparation step will be the same no matter epoxy top or polyurethane top.
Prepare your concrete floor, make it clean and dry.Do the primer coat, and then stick your sticker onto the floor.
Last step is the epoxy/polyurethane top coat. Both of them are clear and two components, mix the part A and part B at the given mixing ratio.fully stir them and pour the mixture onto the top of the sticker, use a roller or blade to spread it. All the same process.
Here is the difference: Epoxy is oil based while polyurethane is water based.
Epoxy more thicker and polyurethane very thin.
Epoxy much more glossy while polyuretane less glossy even the high glossy polyuretane, take a look at water and oil, you may understand the difference.
Epoxy will formed a much thicker layer to the top of the sticker top, polyuretane is very very thin layer.
The consumpation of epoxy will be about 800g per sqm and the consumpation of polyurethane will be about 60g per sqm.
And the unit price of polyurethane will be double than epoxy, but epoxy has much more consumpation than polyurethane, so sqm price is much cleaper than epoxy.
Of course, 3D floor will be much more beautiful with epoxy coat than that of polyurethane coat.