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Clear Resin for Crafts & Arts Application

High clear epoxy resin can extremely used for the decoration of hand made jewelry, with very small usage, just mixing the clear resin together with the hardener at a given mixing ratio, fully stirred them and keep it there for about five minutes and then poured the mixtures to the well prepared mold, you can get any shape and color crafts you want after cured with this high transparency epoxy just like real crystal. It is the most valuable crafting materials to the hobbyist who enjoy DIY, to create necklaces, pins, bangles, bracelets, earrings and rings that feature embedded glitter for a fun and beautiful effect by themselves. Can also use as simulated water when creating water scenes in fish bowls, candles, rock work, and can be used to design replicas of soups, liquid drinks etc, which can be placed to children's dollhouse. To make a real like house for them and enlarge their imagination.  
Soft Flexible epoxy resin adhesive series, with good adhesion, widely made the covering of the epoxy stickers, cards, wallstickers, nameplate, key chain, nail cutters, etc. Are all clear, but with different mixing ratio, hardness with various formulation.
With half transparent, mixed with pigment, you can get any color of thick liquid resin to make some decoration or ornaments. You will get high brightness in surface, and never flow to around, you can also draw any images you like on it.