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Flooring & Coating

Epoxy Flooring and Coating

Epoxy flooring has been proven to be an environmentally friendly alternate to other types of flooring, easy to install over old or new concrete floors with self-leveling feature, to create a seamless, hard, elegance, smooth, chemical resistance, high gloss surface to the floor applied such as swimming pool, factory floor, garage flooring, storage places, warehouse, office building, hospitals, chemical plants, aircraft hangars, kitchens, etc.And nowadays, crystal art floor is more and more popular in the market, ultra clear resin glue can be used for the coating of the floor in the bathroom, hotel, art museum, etc.

Have the feature of high bond strength to the wood,  easy to clean and repair, able to be polished, the crystal epoxy resin can also to be as the excellent coating to wood products such as bar and table tops, providing a clear, glossy, hard and glass like finish to the application.

 This tough epoxy coating with excellent hardness forms a coating to the Christmas ball, globe,some other arts with foam inside, make it hard and shinning, resistance to impact, shock, vibration and stress fatigue cracking while maintaining the moisture, corrosion resistances.